The pool and facilities

Swimming Pool
huge heated swimming pool
The pool is 14 metres long by 7 metres wide (over 1,000 square feet) - a whole family can swim and play with comfort.
Although at its deepest it is 3 metres (10 feet) to the floor for your safety diving is absolutely prohibited. There is a substantial shallow end with broad steps for easy access. There are even underwater lights built into the side for a romantic starlit dip.
The pool is heated to 25°C (77°F) from May to September.

Bread oven
Old bread oven on terrace
This small building is situated at the far end of the front terrace and houses the garden implements. Like the main house this structure is built into the hillside but one terrace lower. From the lawn entrance a large cupboard houses all the pool chemicals and the pool toys! To one side are the filtration pumping and heating fixtures. Children must not be given access to this area.

Flower beds
These are maintained by the house guardians Monsieur and Madame Pichon - (Rodolph and Veronique). They will also carry out the pool cleaning, water chemistry maintenance, gardening, lawn mowing. Veronique will clean and prepare the house for visitors and will, by prior arrangement, provide a mid-stay cleaning service for a modest fee.

Golf practice
- more about sport on the "Things To Do" page
vineyard and golf nets on west terrace

At the back of the house is a golf practice net.

For safety reasons Children under 15 are not to be allowed in here!

It can be used for storing garden furniture. In the early years of the 19th century the magnificent Abbey building was sold to a local builder for its stone! A prosaic ending for a thousand years of intellectual, spiritual and romantic history (Abelard was a monk at Cluny). The stone was then used to adorn many local buildings - Champ Boyer included.
The stone slabs on the floor in the workshop came from the abbey and were originally fitted in the kitchen. The owners had them lovingly re-laid here. Further curios of the old abbey can be seen heading the stairs down to the pool.

Electrical Appliances
Normally if you were travelling to Europe and wanted to take your electrical devices with you, then you would need to buy a travel adapter. This converts the UK standard 3 flat pin plug into a European standard Schuko plug.
For your safety and convenience there are several adaptors already provided for your use at Champ Boyer.
The voltage is the same standard 230 volts so no voltage converter is necessary.

no smokingPlease note that smoking is not allowed anywhere in the buildings.

Guests are requested to keep pets out of the bedrooms and off the furniture.

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