The Belvedere or observation tower

looking south along the front terraceThis was the last section of the building to be renovated. It consists of a garage at ground level with an open staircase up to the utility room which is used for producing our house wine. Sports equipment is stored here. It also includes a toilet and shower room. It has a sink unit, table and chairs and a microwave oven. There is a door leading to yet another staircase up to this
bedroom 5 3 single bedded (teenage) room above the utility room.

tower bedroom  A ladder on the right lead up to the observation platform originally designed for star watching. The skies are virtually free of light pollution.

Turn up the sound. This clever piece originated in Australia. It is so very well done most folks don't realize how much info he is sharing!Just click once on the link below or paste it. Speakers on. Photos by NASA. Enjoy Your Journey....!!! (Sound track by Monty Python. More information on BBC h2g2 )

The utility room includes toilet and shower rooms, casual eating area with microwave oven, sink and storage and has stairs up to the bedroom above and open stairs down to the garage.

utility room

There are two parking areas at the front of the house, one at the end of the front terrace, the other at pool level with automatic gates and lights. The garage houses two mountain bikes for the use of guests and relics of vintage agricultural equipment. There is an open wooden staircase to the two upper floors and the Observation platform.

Champ Boyer is the only house along this track, the only other users of which will be the occasional neighbour tending his woodland further up the hillside.

Note: Europe and Canada have gone metric - for the rest of us here are some quick very approximate conversions.

An inch is 25mm, a yard is 91cm and a mile is 1.6 km.
A pound is 450 grams and a gallon of gas is 3.8 litres,
Petrol sales in the UK have gone metric.

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